With the challenges of a massive school curriculum bearing down on teachers, there leaves little time to address many of the necessary educational needs, that will make our children more relevant in the 21st Century environment.

At InTuition, we believe that many of these skills can be taught, using these very same technological tools, so as to prepare our future society as well as teaching our students techniques for further self-study and skill development.

The affordable InTuition training platform is provided, loaded with a host of modules ranging from the Microsoft suite, to financial management, waitron courses and even programming and social media marketing.  Many more modules are provided continuously, and at NO EXTRA COST to our existing clients.

Schools are invited to join our family, and provide these training modules to their entire student body, accessible from both the school lab, or even from the comfort of their own home – and all of this at a price you will need to see to believe!

Schools are welcome to provide additional training courses, that we will add to the platform, making them freely available to the students,  eg, Study skills, exam preparation tips, etc

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